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Zylock Thread lockers, Retainers and Sealants offer you excellent value for money, high performance and a reliable result.

Every product featured is exclusive to Zylock. From concept and lab testing through to manufacture - it's all the work of our own talented innovative experts.

By choosing Zylock, you come on the journey with us;

  • Cutting edge performance
  • Next practise
  • New technology
  • New levels of success
  • The brand of choice for your task – Zylock

Manufactured with you in mind

Speed & Trust

Modern engineers are expected to perform with new levels of speed, accuracy, reliability and innovation. Zylock products a formulated to provide fast results. This is why Zylock is relied on by so many.

Reliable Result

It does what it says on the container! We understand the frustration and costs that occur when newly assembled products fail. Zylock products only make it to that market once outstanding reliability is tested and proven.

Handy Pack

The Grab & Go principle has governed our packaging design. All Zylock products come to you in a handy pack with the preferred applicator built into the packaging. No more Silicone guns, mixing paddles, screwdriver ends or candy sticks!


How many times have you gone to get your locker and its rock solid? Out of date! Zylock products boast one of the longest shelf lives in the industry to reduce the occurrence of this annoying problem.

All Zylock Products are:

V.O.C. (Low Volatile Organic Compound) Sealants

By choosing Zylock you can be sure that you aren’t introducing new hazardous products.


ISO approved ingredients and recyclable packaging making our products environmentally responsible, as they are low volatile organic compound (VOC) adhesives.

Zylock encourage all users to make sure they recycle all containers they received the products in to continue our support to saving the environment today.


Zylock assures 100% results. From application to the final result.


Putting research and development at the forefront.

We understand the quality and results that you and your finished products need, and we make exactly that.

We have an extensive range of products, and are continuously expanding and refining our innovative range to surpass the expectations of our customers.

With over 65 years in the industry we have designed and established products that are:

  • guaranteed to perform
  • reinforced with a well-built brand
  • identified for strength and reliability