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Replaces tapes and dopes
Stops gas and fluid leaks
Assists in lubricating during assembly
Will not shred/tear so no contaminating systems


Zylock PL041 White Pipe Sealer is an Instant Low Pressure sealant for fine and coarse threads up to 3” in diameter.

PL041 is unusual in that it does not fully cure until some 60 hours after application, allowing re-alignment of elbows and joints. Once set, you can guarantee a satisfactory reliable lasting seal. Gives an instant seal but has a slow cure to allow for elbows, joints etc. to be realigned after assembly. Assists with lubrication during assembly.

Ideal for: sealing any gas, chemical, water or steam pipes with coarse threads up to 3 inches.

Physical Properties (liquid product)
Colour: White
Viscosity 45000-58000cps
Specific Gravity 1.05
Max. gap filling: 0.4mm
Temp Range: -55˚C up to 150˚C
Physical Properties (cured product) @23˚C
Initial strength: 12-24 minutes
Final strength: 60 hours
Breakaway Strength (TBA) Up to 6 N.m
Prevailing Strength (TP) Up to 2 N.m

Method of Use

This solution is ready for use. Simply take the wrapping off, and pull the lid off. Then tilt the bottle downwards, and gently press the dispenser at the top of the bottle, and you should begin to see the white liquid; the professional Zylock Pipe Sealant is ready for use.