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Ideal for Bearings
Suitable for all metal bearings
Medium / Removable Strength
Suitable for high temperatures up to 150°C
Designed for fitting cylindrical metal assemblies
Cures when confined between the parts


Zylock PL030 Retainer & Bearing Fit offers a medium strength retainer for flat surfaces found on bearings and housings. Ease of disassembly with conventional tools enables the removal and replacement of parts in most maintenance applications.

PL030 is of Medium Strength and is colour coded yellow for job identification. Where cure speed is long, acceptable bond times can be obtained by treating the parts with Activator or by using the faster Accelerator.

Physical Properties (liquid product)
Chemical base: Methacrylate Ester
Colour: Yellow
Viscosity 1400-1600cps
Specific Gravity 1.10
Max. gap filling: 0.2mm
Temp Range: -55˚C up to 150˚C
Physical Properties (cured product) @23˚C
Initial strength: 12-16 minutes
Final strength: 24 hours
Breakaway Strength (TBA) (ISO 10964) Up to 21 N.m
Prevailing Strength (TP) (ISO 10964) Up to 13 N.m

Method of Use

This solution is ready for use. Simply unscrew the white lid anti-clockwise. Take off the nib of the spout using a sharp knife. Then tilt the bottle downwards, and gently squeeze the bottle, and you should begin to see the yellow liquid; the professional Zylock Retainer.