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Creates a very strong, sealed assembly
Permanent Strength
Surface Insensitive
Chemical Resistant
High Strength
Medium Viscosity


Zylock PL011 Permanent Threadlocker is a medium viscosity, high strength Studlocker for temperatures up to 150°C.

Zylock Permanent Threadlock is resistant to corrosive chemicals, extremes of shock and load, and has good gap fill ability.

It gives good resistance to vibration loosening, achieving up to 40Nm on pre-torqued steel studs and bolts.

Prevents corrosion and leakage, resists corrosive chemicals, fuels, and most industrial liquids and gases. Replaces double-nutting and welding.

Ideal for: refrigeration, air conditioning, general production line and process equipment

Physical Properties (liquid product)
Colour: Green
VViscosity: 20ºC Brookfild DVII 850-1000cps
Specific Gravity 1.11
Max.thread diameter: M20
Max. gap filling: 0.15mm
Temp Range: -55˚C up to 150˚C
Physical Properties (cured product) @20˚C
Measured on M10 x 20 bolt.
Initial strength: 12-20 minutes
Final strength: 12 hours
Breakaway Torque (TBA) : Up to 38N.m
Prevailing torque (TP): Up to 40N.m

Method of Use

This solution is ready for use. Simply unscrew the white lid anti-clockwise. Take off the nib of the spout using a sharp knife. Then tilt the bottle downwards, and gently squeeze the bottle, and you should begin to see the blue liquid; the professional Zylock High Strength Threadlocker Sealant.